Back in 1992, I graduated from The New Center for Wholistic Health Education and Research Massage Therapy program. What attracted me to this school was that it had an East-West focus. I learned the muscles and meridians, the nervous system and Oriental Medical perspective on organ relationships or Zang Fu. There was instruction on diet and Chinese patent medicine. The Short form of Yang style Tai Chi was required as well, I loved that.

I’ve always credited the education at The New Center as a great introduction to holistic health and the early skills of seeing, interpreting, and working with the relationships and patterns that the person is presenting with.

Not long after graduating a friend told me about Lauren Berry work. An old style biomechanical approach that emphasized palpation and presence. The techniques themselves are quite good, but the wealth of skill and experience that the teachers had were even better. Honing a felt sense of biomechanical positions was an important stepping stone.

The focus on biomechanics and high-level palpation intrigued me and I pursued the osteopathic modalities of Muscle Energy, and Strain Counter-Strain. It didn’t take long for these to lead me fine arts of Cranial Therapy and Visceral Manipulation. These systems are significantly more vast than the modalities I’d previously studied and practiced and the palpation skills are more refined as well. These skills, when developed at higher levels, are where a separation in skill set really begins.

Following this immersion in osteopathic philosophy and technique. I pursued a greater understanding of how to perceive and treat the whole person through Integrative Manual Therapy, the brainchild of Sharon Giammatteo. Biovalent Systems, Frank Lowens original anatomic, physiologic and perceptual extrapolations, and Therapeutic Horizons an expression of their collaborative efforts to delve further into the body-mind and related esoterics.

A couple of years ago, ‘2015’ some scientists found lymphatics in the brain. I had to grin. Frank and Sharon were talking about and teaching techniques for working with the lymphatics of the brain circa 2000. With comments like,”you’re not going to find this in your anatomy book, but they have to be there.”

Most people need a picture of something to ‘know’ it exists. Those rare few perceive and understand things before their spelled out for them. If you like or question this type of stuff, look up Mendeleev and the periodic table.

Today, I offer  25+ years of experience in wide variety of Manual Therapies.

But the real skill isn’t in the variety, it’s in the unity. How things have come together and how they are related to one another for the individual in front of me is what’s important.


Manual Therapy Education

-Lauren Berry Work (1994-95)

-Neuromuscular Techniques (1994) Peggy Daugherty an early student of Paul St. John

-Craniosacral Therapy (1994-96) Upledger Institute

-Visceral Manipulation (1995-97) Frank Lowen

-Therapeutic Horizons (1996-2001) Frank Lowen and Sharon Giammatteo

-Integrative Manual Therapy (1996-02) Sharon and Tom Giammatteo

-Biovalent Systems (2000-03) Frank Lowen