Name: Linda Bontrager

Comment: I had tried many forms of therapy and relief for hip pain in the year after a fall. I saw chiropractors, massage therapists, other physical therapists and had even had guided cortisone shots, with no relief. It was getting harder and harder for me to walk without pain. I wanted to find someone who would look at the situation more holistically, but I was ready to give up. The most frustrating part of looking for relief was that nobody understood where the pain was and what I was feeling until I found Joseph. What a relief it was to be listened to and understood! I have been seeing him for only about 3-4 months. I am walking for the most part without pain and I am getting better with every visit.

Name: Kimi C

Comment: Joseph is amazing !
He is the doctor that doctors go to! For over a decade now, he has helped me and my family through all sorts of ailments from minor sprains, pulled muscles, to detoxing substances from serious disease out of my system and helping to break up scar tissue from operations. I like most is that his approach is very thorough. He addresses the nervous system soft tissue etc. to really get the body working back in harmony together . Some people just have knowledge he has that and instinct and a gentle touch anyone who finds him is lucky to experience healing gift . Thank you Joseph!

Name: Butch Levy MD, L.Ac

Comment: I have had a professional and personal relationship with Joseph for many years. He has treated me with manual therapy and cranial work, and his skills are exceptional.His depth of knowledge, compassionate approach and his ability to successfully treat have been a useful addition, as a practice to send friends and patients alike.

Name: Christen Wernig

Comment: Joseph Shindall is a miracle worker and I don’t say that lightly! I was in a car accident that caused constant and daily pain for 1.5 years. I tried chiropractors, massage therapists, acupuncture and sacral cranial therapy with no relief. Nothing worked. I accepted I would be in pain forever. Joseph was referred to me from a friend. Joseph is kind, smart and encouraging. His hands-on approach is unique to him. I like to say he has “magic hands”! Joseph also taught me that my attitude had a lot to do with my healing. It’s hard to keep a good attitude being in pain all the time. As time went by, my pain disappeared and my attitude improved. I am now able to focus on the good things in life and NOT on pain. Thank you Joseph for giving me my life back!

Joseph has helped my family so much!! We have found that he is rare in the world of doctors/body workers. My husband had a foot problem which his doctor told him would get worse and worse until he would inevitably need surgery. In ONE session Joseph resolved the issue and its never been a problem since (6 years ago now). I had chronic trouble breathing through my nose, and again after a session with Joseph it resolved. He helped my daughter with some chronic issues that resolved after a few sessions. He has helped our family with back pain, lyme disease, pregnancy, digestive issues, gall bladder, thyriod, head aches, allergies, body balance, regeneration and much more. We have been very grateful to have a doctor/bodyworker who can help so much!!

Joseph is gifted, talented practitioner to whom I have happily referred numerous people. He can make all the difference!

Name: Peggy Wernig

Comment: I am thankful for Joseph’s talent of helping people get out of pain. I tried all sorts of other therapies and nothing worked. He relieved a pain I thought would never go away. I refer anyone in pain to him. He is a caring person that is able to heal.