What we work with

Auto Accidents – Whiplash injuries

Trauma to the neurovascular system is often the key component of these injuries.

They are what often become long-standing components of a person’s pain pattern.

Shock and protective mechanisms are frequently involved as a result of MVA.


Chronic pain

The conditioned pain response. Your protective mechanisms are doing their jobs, over time. There are very effective strategies to decrease their hypervigilance.



Expediting recovery from concussions through improved venous drainage.

Resolving defensive reactions that are a response to the trauma.


Jaw, Facial, and Tooth Pain secondary to dental work

The jaw, face, and teeth are abundantly innervated. Creating an environment that is susceptible to overstimulation that may lead to protective patterns.



Where the force of impact enters the body is the key to tracking the pattern of adaptation.


Low Back Pain

Related to trauma typically respond well. Falls, whiplash, and head injuries are often the impetus for low back pain. A variety of causal factors are possible.


Joint pain

Depending on the severity and how long it’s been troubling. These can clear up rather quickly if it’s simply misalignment.


Scar tissue

Generally, people don’t come in for their scar tissue per se. But rather, other symptoms that are caused or are aggravated by the scar tissue. Scar tissue often contributes to pain patterns.



When the person suffered physical injury concurrently with the psychological, hands-on somatic therapies are invaluable.


The above list serves as examples of what we treat. It is neither exhaustive nor complete. If what you’re needing help with isn’t on the above list, please inquire as to our experience and perspective on the matter.